10 Reasons to Stay in a Kalkan Villa


1. It’s Cheaper


Shockingly staying in a villa instead of a hotel works out cheaper! When you are a large group of people, staying in a hotel becomes more expensive per person. However when you stay in a villa it becomes cheaper the more people you invite! Making your Kalkan holiday cheaper!


2.Home from Home.


When you stay in a  Kalkan villa you can settle in and unpack to make if feel more like home. Often hotel rooms are small and crowded with very little wardrobe space. However with villas you can really stretch out, make yourself at home while on your holiday.


3.Pick a villa that suits your needs.


Unless you pay for the penthouse suite in a hotel almost every room is identical. Same windows, carpets, bedsheets and curtains. You are not able to customise your hotel room to your every need.  Kalkan villas on the other hand are completely different! This allows you to pick and choose the locationin Kalkan, extras, privacy and size meaning you can truly tailor make your holiday and villa.


4.The extras!

When you choose to stay in a villa in Kalkan, you have a wide selection of extras to choose from! While most villas have a private pool, you can also choose from villas with a gym, dance floor, projector screen, cinema room, sauna or hamam! And best of all they are completely private! No need to share the pool with hundreds of other guests!




Most hotel rooms are cramped, dark and unwelcoming making them only useful for sleeping in. Kalkan villas on the other hand offer much more space for guests! You can relax and enjoy your time in the villa while spreading out and not being confined to only a bedroom.


6.It’s more relaxing


There is nothing worse than going on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself only to constantly deal with noise from other guests. In a villa you can sit and read on your lounger with no screaming adults or children, sleep easily at night without the sound of shouting in the hallway or banging doors!


7. Privacy


Unlike hotels, kalkan villas can be completely private! No more sharing the swimming pool, sauna or pool bar! In your own villa you have all of the amenities completely to yourself. There is no handing your key over every time you leave the property. You can also choose how private your villa is. You can pick villas with no neighbours,  secluded villas, religiously covered villasand villas where the pool and gardens are not overlooked.


8.Your own rules


While there are still rules created by the owner to protect their property and for safety, however there are far more rules and regulations when you stay in a hotel.  When you rent a villa you can swim at any time of the day or night and splash around as much as you like. There is no breakfast or dinner schedule and no handing your key over when you go out.




9.Food and Drink


Everyone knows how expensive hotel, bars and restaurants can be, especially when many don’t allow food and drinks from outside the hotel.  The cost of food and drink can mount up to a lot of money at the end of your holiday. Staying in a Kalkan villa allows you to not only bring in your own food and drinks, but also allows you to control what you are eating and drinking. You can make your own meals and have ice cold drinks throughout the day making your holiday overall much cheaper.


10. Laundry


If you are on holiday longer than a few days you will always want to wash your favourite outfit to wear again. When you stay in a hotel you either have to wash it in the sink with hand-soap or send it to the hotel launderette. This can take time and cost  money especially if you are frequently sending items of clothing to be washed. However when you are staying in a villa, you are guaranteed a washing machine, allowing you to cheaply and easily wash sand from a beach towel or rewear your favourite outfit for exactly when you need it.

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