How to pack light and fit everything into hand-luggage .


Now that many airlines are charging for check-in luggage and increasing fees, more and more people are turning towards their hand-luggage. While limiting you bag to the usual 10kg can fill everyone with dread there are many advantages of traveling light.


The obvious advantage is that you save so much money by avoiding the extortionate check in prices which can be put towards a hotel upgrade or a meal.


Secondly your luggage and everything inside is so much safer when you can keep an eye on it! So many bags are lost in transit each year, or damaged by luggage handlers, which we all know can spoil a holiday and cost a lot of money trying to replace lost items that you need during your holiday.


In addition your luggage is not left out in the elements while you are disembarking the aircraft. So many bags are left to sit in the rain on the luggage cart.


Lastly hand luggage makes the whole process so much faster! Many airlines allow you to check in online and avoid the long queue for the check-in desk! If you have a hand luggage you can stroll right past the line and go straight to security! Then once you disembark you can walk past the carrousel and straight onto enjoying your holiday.


Now more importantly how to actually pack a hand luggage!


  1. Start with your essentials!


Make a list of everything that you definitely need to take. This means you won’t forget anything and that you fit everything in that is important. This includes outfits! Write and plan certain outfits that you know you will need for specific activities. For example a yoga class or a business meeting! This way you can see how much space you have left to add those extra few things that aren’t important but you still would like to take with you.


2. Limit how many of each item you take!


Everyone is guilty of this! You will be away for a week, which means maximum seven tops but everyone packs  14 just incase! Or you have a favourite bikini but you take five just incase you change your mind.  The best technique is to pick your favourite sunglasses and only take them or your favourite bikini knowing that you will only wear them anyway!


3. Plan what you want to wear before you start packing. Grab everything that you think you would like to take and lay it out flat so you can see exactly what you are working with. Then remove anything that you may not wear, this includes outfits that you think might not suit the climate or are uncomfortable. Then start looking at what items you can match and pair with other items more than once! Make sure that pair of shorts match all of the t-shirts and that you can easily wear on a night! And avoid anything too distinctive if you don’t want to appear to be wearing the same items in all of your photos!


4. Its about how you pack.


Firstly invest in an e-reader to store all of your heavy holiday books. Be creative! Stuff items into your shoes! This saves space and helps protect fragile items too! Shops now sell shampoo sachets and sheets of soap, however check what your hotel provides and this could save you some valuable space!






5. Carry a personal bag!


Most airlines allow customers to carry a personal bag as well as their carry on.  Most airlines don’t check the weight or size of your personal bag and you can add some extra items in here if you carry a large bag like a tote! However always check with the airline as some are becoming strict and insist that your personal bag must be put into your carry on once you board!


6. Lastly its all about what you wear!


Always wear your heaviest and bulkiest items to the airport! If you need to take trainers make sure you wear them instead of packing them! And layer items! By layering items you can wear anything that you couldn’t fit into your carry on! You can always take them off once you have checked in or use as a pillow on the flight!


Hopefully with these simple tips you can still look fabulous on your next holiday without paying the crazy check-in luggage prices!

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