Facts about Kalkan


  • Kalkan is said to have been founded between 150-200 years ago by Greek traders and became a popular trading town as it was the only safe harbour between Kas and Fethiye. Kalkan is named after the Turkish word shield after Kalkan became known as a safe harbour from extreme weather and pirates.


  • The Greek orthodox church is the oldest standing building in Kalkan, and was later changed into a mosque once the Greek settlers were replaced my Turkish traders.


  • Kalkan was a popular trading harbour until the 1960’s. The coastal road connecting Kalkan to other coastal towns was built and many of Kalkan’s occupants moved to other areas of Turkey. However this coastal road also brought tourism to Kalkan, especially when the road was improved in 1984. So much tourism was brought to Kalkan and the surrounding areas that in 2006 Dalaman international airport was built to encourage even more tourism!


  • Kalkan is located on the Turquoise Lycian coast in the Southern Mediterranean part of Turkey. Kalkan is 27km east of Kas and 87km west of Fethiye. There a two airports that are accessible from Kalkan. The closest international airport is Dalaman which is 121.7km from Kalkan. And a larger international airport in Antalya which is 244.1km from Kalkan.


  • The weather in Kalkan is typical for the Southern Mediterranean. Influenced by the Taurus Mountains, Kalkan experiences long dry summers with very little rainfall. During the summer Kalkan’s temperatures are usually between late 20’s to mid 30’s.


  • The weather in Kalkan is very mild in the winter, ranging between 13-16 degrees with 8-9 daylight hours. Kalkan gets most of its rainfall between January and March.


  • Kalkan is different to many other towns on the South Mediterranean coast as the majority of the town’s income is from tourism.


  • Most of the jobs in Kalkan rely in tourism during the summer which means many of the people that live here are very invested in keeping the town special. This is what gives Kalkan its friendly and magical feel.


  • Kalkan is surrounded by some of Turkey’s best beaches including Kaputas, Patara, Kas beach, Kalkan beach and also some of Turkey’s first ancient civilisations like Kekova, patara, and Xanthos to name a few.


  • Overall these  special qualities are what makes Kalkan so magical.
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